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[22 Jun 2004|11:54pm]

Holy crap, Addison's music video for 'Boombox Lovin' is AWESOME. Seriously.
You can download it for free at http://www.commondeer.com/movies/addison.html
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the bentleys gettin' some electronic ink and mp3s up [18 Mar 2004|11:40am]

hey y'all.

the bentleys have a review on www.vivaelrock.com alongside Los Abandoned.

if you check out their local bands section and look up the bentleys it will direct you to a little page with 3 mp3s.

check em out.

in the meantime they'll be putting up some new stuff soon on their own site

oh ya. i saw a member of Addison at the Franz Ferdinand/Irving show. so there ya go...an addison sighting!

guess which one.
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New Site Feature [10 Mar 2004|01:22am]

There's a cool new feature on the Addison site and it's called the Daily Addison Ditty or DAD. There are two up right now, but one will go down tomorrow since there's only suppose to be one per day. Make sure to check it out everyday so you don't miss out on a ditty. Trust me, they're hilarious.
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hello. [24 Feb 2004|01:54am]


i know this is the addison el jay, but most of you know everybody else because they've played with addison, so i thought i'd fill you in on their next LA show.  =)  see ya there.

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howdy addison fans / ADDISON SHOW ON FRIDAY... [04 Feb 2004|06:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

there's an addison show on friday with yours truly...the Bentleys!!!

i'm guessing many of you haven't heard the Bentleys yet, but they are playing with our beloved Addison

@ the Grove House @ Pitzer College
1050 N. Mills Ave.
Claremont, CA


starts @ 8pm

for more info: www.addisonrock.com

have a good night.

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Phantom Planet - new album [02 Jan 2004|09:58pm]

The self-titled album due out Jan. 6th has already been found in a few stores. Target, Best Buy, etc. Go look for it.
Definitely worth a listen!
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[17 Dec 2003|05:33pm]

anybody go last night? i was there, twas good times. majorly missing craig, though... where where where did he go?

also, addison redid the website, so now you don't want to murder it every time you want to go back one page. haha. it looks grand and the bio page is fun and visual, so check it out... addisonrock.

also download the x-mas song (or buy the new EP). the last line.... greatness.... oh man.
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whoa [14 Dec 2003|03:39pm]

i didn't know this even existed! anyway, check this out dudes happierthanyou. that's right, official livejournal headquarters for the fictions. join and enjoy! hi craig!
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[06 Dec 2003|03:51am]


You all really must check out the L.A. band headParade. If you like them, then join the street team. There is a FREE street team show next Saturday for all of you L.A. area kids. Even if you are not from SOCal, it is most definitely worth your while to check this band out, and join the street team!

Kaumyar, the drummer of headParade, is also the new drummer of Big City Rock, the drummer of Matt Beckley, and the drummer of Hypercycle


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New [26 Nov 2003|04:41pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Um...hey everyone, I'm new here. I found out about Addison through _tabloid and I heart them...I'm thinking that I'm the only UK Addison fan here, right? :P
Anyway, nice meeting you <3

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Addison Interview [13 Nov 2003|01:34am]

I had to write an article for the Entertainment section in my school's newspaper. I thought I'd conduct an interview, and guess who my interviewee was? Addison! Yaa!!
So yea, I just thought I'd share.

Here's the interview!Collapse )

P.S. I would have put this up sooner, but I couldn't figure out how to type an entry in a community. Yes, I'm a little slow, but I've got an Addison interview!
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[19 Oct 2003|06:38pm]

I just found this community through a LiveJournal search (for 'the beatles' as an interest, in case you cared) and went to the Addison website. I liked the clips a lot, but the rest of the sight doesn't seem done.

Where can I hear more? Maybe full songs? Maybe buy a cd?

Also, this community has a wicked cool background. Who made it? How can I get one like it? I'm sorry to post those questions to the general populace, but I wasn't sure who the community maintainer was.

So thanks for any answers! I'd love to learn more about this band.

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woooooo icons [13 Oct 2003|09:54pm]

[ mood | icon-y ]

hey, look! icons! i can hear them talking... they are saying "steal me! steal me!"

yep. first and last are for AIM, middle two are for LiveJournal. enjoy.

::edit:: just kidding, bandwidth problems. email me if you're interested.

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[12 Oct 2003|04:46pm]

Who went to the show last night at Koo's
I had so much fun!
It was great!
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we have got to get out of here, in out darkest hour.. [11 Sep 2003|11:06pm]

Mm, new here, obviously. I'm Erica, Colorado, and there really aren't many Addison fans here, sad to say. Anyone want to move me to Southern California? ;)
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It's hot in here! Addison is burning up the atmosphere! [31 Aug 2003|10:58am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey kids! Do your part for Addison! Take this flyer, print it out and give them to everyone you know. And everyone you don't kno.w Or, make another flyer. Anyway, just get the word out. Addison are playing at the Roxy and we need people to be there!
Flyer.Collapse )

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[30 Aug 2003|11:18am]


I hope I get to see them at the Roxy on the 12th!

:::Listen to the beat:::
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